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  • Kristen Kehoe

A Week of Vacay With Luna-the-Labragoat

As promised after my big weekend seeing Taylor Swift, I spent week 13 by the pool in Palm Springs, finishing all three library books and rereading goodies from my kindle, while watching Livvy Love swim herself sick (literally. That desert air gets her every time).

Because that's all there is to say, instead of giving you a true interruption for week 13, I give you a week in the life of Luna on vacation. She's more goat than lab, and she interrupts my life probably more than is acceptable for a six-year-old dog who technically passed puppy school. (That technicality was that she was immediately thrown out of doggy daycare the following week for being a "dog that got into tussles." She's about as friendly as I am, apparently.)

Whilst I was basking in the beauty that is Taylor and then the desert, Luna the labragoat was on a sleepover at her cousin Poppy's house. Poppy, more princess than lab, is a genteel little four-year-old who weighs fifty-five pounds and curls up in a ball on her mother's bed. Somehow, she loves Frank (Luna's nickname, given to her by Poppy's dad, Jeff, because he's a real asshole). Frank-the-Tank is not genteel, and she sure as shit does not weight fifty-five pounds, especially in the winter.

Below is a series of Luna's adventures while on a sleepaway vacay with her auntie Lala, Uncle Jeff, and cousins. She only managed to attempt a pizza (rookie move leaving it unattended on the counter, Todd), sideswipe the weenie wraps (waist high tables? Joke.), eat 2 blueberry muffins (wrappers and all), and take a nap on the futon.

Her first day there she raided her human cousin's nightstand for his contraband cookies. From then on, she was locked out of the T.V. room so the boys could eat without her (rude.).

Every faithful, Poppy watched her and enticed her into games, which, although not Frank's favorite thing in the world, she played because she does love her Poppy. Not enough to play fetch with her and her Jackson...but enough to play tug. Aerobic activity for the purpose of aerobic activity isn't really Frank's jam.

I hope your week 13 was as adventure and treat filled as Luna's. See you week 14, beauties. Softball season is starting...yikes. Stay tuned.


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