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  • Kristen Kehoe

Friday Favorite: For the Dads

Favorite Friday is for my dad and all others out there who haven't let us down <3

This was a hard week for me to find the favorite button, mostly because there has been some major horror in the news, and while I get most of my news from Buzzfeed usually and, therefore, am pretty happy scrolling through headlines about the sexiest moments in Disney, etc. this week the news hit a little closer to home and couldn't be ignored.

Because I refuse to acknowledge or give power to the act of horror, I'm going to instead be grateful that I have and have alway had, a father who taught me to defend myself by defending me and my mom and sisters time and again. I'm going to be grateful that my father not only sired me, but loved me, laughed with me, held me, and talked to me. Thanks to Jan, my husband, for loving our little girl in a way that shows her the world is hers, she just has to work for it (read: ask for it). Thanks for playing tea-party, and sidewalk chalk, and wearing crowns and getting excited over princess dresses and Minnie Mouse. Those moments make her who she is now and who she'll be later on.

And finally, on this favorite Friday #2, I'm going to give a shout out to this daddy in the video, and all others who have taken their daughter's hands and shown them that true love starts there, no matter who you choose to love in the future (Addendum -- well done father, well done).

To my own dad: I love you, Big Mike. Thanks for teaching me to skate, to ride, play, to compete, to win, to lose, and most importantly, to love. Thanks for always being there, even when all I did was cry. xoxo

Give a shout out to your pops -- he deserves it, even if he did scare your prom date half to death:)

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