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Friday Favorite: My Girls

Today's Friday Favorite comes for my girls.

Too often, we are so apt to give thanks to those who have inspired us, given us tough love, those who have challenged us. Well, what about those in our lives who have just loved us?

There are women in my life who have done that, time and again, despite the fact that I made it difficult (sisters and mom are like Difficult? Pleae, more like a nightmare. Yea yea, I'm sorry). I am one of three daughters, who grew up with a beautiful mother and two amazing grandmothers. Add in the best friends of my mother who have also become my best friends, and what you have is a girl who has been supported her whole life. And still, I'm a girl who understands that life is difficult, if only because we're girls.

(Boys, don't try to make sense of that, you won't and we don't want you to fix, solve, analyze, brainstorm, or suggest anything to make life better. MMkay? Thanks.)

This post is most specifically because a beautiful woman reminded me and many others this week that scars are everywhere; pain is not always obvious, nor is illness. And then she made a statement with just her photo: stand tall, stand together, and be a voice even if you're scared no one wants to listen.

Lauren, you have always inspired me. You are beautiful in mind and image, you are smart, you are compassionate, and most important, you are strong. You have shown us all what it means to stand tall and proud, for ourselves and for those around us. I will forever be grateful that you are in my life.

I hear you, and I see you, and I am so inspired by you.

Girls, give your people a shoutout. Mama, Laura, Christa, Bri, Carrie, Huggs, Memere, Grams, Antionette, Tana, Michelle, Selena... You made me strong. I love you all. <3

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