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  • Kristen Kehoe

A New Year

Many people use the regular calendar for their yearly time frame. I use the teacher calendar. And today marks the beginning of a new year. And a new me. Pause--this is not a resolution, it's an actual thing, so stop rolling your eyes.

This year, I have gone part time, teaching every other day in order to stay home, finish my last few classes in my current Master's program, and write more. My goal is to be a better writer, mommy, wife, and person because I'm not doing it all at once. I've never believed in that, by the way--it's not my style.

Some women, they can do it all, even thrive off it. I hate chaos. My brain is jumbled enough, add in the constant state of "I have so much shit to do" and I shut down. That being said... I'm a little nervous because selling books is a precarious profession. There are readers who are so dedicated they will ALWAYS purchase them. And then there is everyone else. Writing is something many of us are capable of. With the boom of the indie book industry, well, it's an over-saturated market, and anonymity is a very real thing.

This struggle is real for me, the desire to be a writer and also to help provide a good life for my family. This year, I guess it's my test to see if I can do it. So, what is the new me's goal? Write a book and put it out every three months. AHHH, I know, seems fast but a lot of writers are at every two months, and well, that thought makes me cry.

Wish me luck, peeps. And happy new year to you all. Admit it, moms, you cried tears of joy when you sent the little ones off to their teachers, didn't you? ;)


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