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  • Kristen Kehoe

Striking Chords

The Cover Reveal for STRIKING CHORDS is coming!!!! 11.02.16 for a release date of 12.02.16!

He’s the best at his game…until he gets played.

Felipe Rojas is no stranger to winning. The number one player on his college soccer team, Felipe holds all the records for scoring, on the field and off. Until the girl he falls for turns out to be taken, and he realizes he’s nothing more than a nightly stand-in.

As his personal life crashes, so does his game, and Felipe finds himself straining for get back not only his identity, but the sport the gave him everything. Until the day he meets India Cole: the stranger who kisses him and brings him back to life.

It’s a kiss the redirects his attention from a girl he doesn’t want to want, to a girl he isn’t sure he should want, with her curtain of silky black hair, her quick smile, and her bright green eyes that are just a little haunted.

India didn’t mean to kiss Felipe, it was simply one of those impulsive moments that her mother was always warning her about. Too late, she realizes why. Kissing Felipe was spur of the moment, but all the repercussions afterwards are permanent: like the way she can’t stop thinking of him, wanting him, believing in him. Ahem, kissing him.

But life isn’t so easy, and Karma is never so nice. Secrets are kept, decisions are made, and hearts that are broken must learn to heal before these lovers can be together.

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