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Release Day #10: Striking Chords

No matter what people say, no matter who we want to be, life has a way of changing us, of messing with our plans until what we say and who we intended to be gets screwed up, and we become someone else entirely.

--India Cole

Release day is upon us, once again, and I admit, it's a challenging one for me. The book...oy, I adore the book. I adore the characters, the pacing, the love, and the heartache. I love the supporting characters and that I finally--FINALLY--got to write about a sexy soccer player after all of these years.

But, this is also my first book that won't be going into Kindle Unlimited. It's my first book releasing since it seems like anonymity is a very real thing for me as an author.

It's the first book I'm releasing since going half time at work.

I'm proud of this book--beyond proud, really. I love it for what it is--a beautiful story about two beautiful people who are just plain scared of not being enough. That's my favorite kind of story--the kind where we as people have to admit that vulnerability, the one that says oh, man, I'm scared and I can't say why because it will be like an admission of insecurity, of need, of uncertainty, and nothing about that is sexy.'s real. And real, it can be kind of sexy.

So, am I feeling insecure on this release date? A little. It's hard to thrust these characters we've pulled from our hearts into the world and hope they're received with love and kindness and a certain level of success. It's hard not to hope at the same time that I fear that this will be the one to show people I'm here to stay, so anonymity be damned.

I hope and pray like hell (sorry for the hell and the praying together, big guy) that you like Felipe and India as much as I do. I'll be talking to you all soon. Until then, happy reading, and thanks for being part of release day #10.

<3 Kristen

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