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Friday Favorite: Tell Me Something Real

I am writing furiously on Tell Me Something Real, my newest YA contemporary. You's breaking my heart and challenging my writing, and doing everything a good writer knows it should. I want to get you a release date, but I am not ready. And I decided, writing like this and characters like these deserve to take their time.

So, pray tell, you say, what do I know? The cover reveal is next week. I love it, and I can't wait to share it. Hopefully (stress on hope) I am in editing next week or the one after. And then...June. I feel June. But, there is no set date, and I kind of love that freedom.

Until then, here's your teaser. I hope you're as excited to meet these characters as I am.



“Try it.” We stand, chest to chest in our pads, so close our foreheads could touch, and we stare, waiting for the other to break first.

“You want to know why I was out for blood today?”

“I don’t give a rat’s ass anymore.”

“Too bad,” he spits out, and his voice has gone quiet. “You asked, so you get the answer. Lincoln needed you this morning—and you left. You fucking left her, after she trusted you last night, and then you didn’t go find her all day long. You watched her, but you never went to her. Who the fuck does that?”

“The same kind of guy who leaves her with a stranger when she’s sick and hurting.”

He doesn’t react like he did the first time we met and had damn near the same conversation. Instead, he shakes his head, disappointment marring his features when he steps back. I hate that it makes me feel small. “I didn’t leave her with a stranger, Ford. I left her with you.”

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