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The Real Week 18

A few things to start off this real week 18:

First, last week was apparently week 17, as evidenced by the previous post which literally said, "Week 16." So, yeah. Heyo to the real week 18. I'm clearly great at context clues.

Secondly, Liv went to her middle school orientation day on Tuesday, and, as a surprise to no one, I was a forking wreck. (Also, Liv is going to influence my language through "exposure." Hence, the forks and benches and ducks and hellos. It's not a raging success, but I'm trying.)

Which brings us to the last thing, what my sister Bri (being a real hilarious bench) called the OSHA fire hazard behind my daughter in this photo. Attractive? I mean, it's not the ugliest place in my 1956 classroom, sooo...truth: I work in a repurposed computer room. There are a dozen plugs, but they are all in one place. Also, this kind of power station? I'm essentially a god in a high school where no phone holds juice all day after sending seventy-billion updates. Boom.

Now, onto our real week 18 business. I went out. As an adult. With a friend. Yes, I have real friends, although I might understand your skepticism. A hermit with the soul of an eighty-year-old, the mouth of a sailor, and the schedule of someone with one century under their belt rather than 38 years? Who would befriend that? Ha, people have. Like, at least 3 people. So there.

But this week was ultra special because my friend Robin, who lived in Oregon just long enough to make me depend on her and then so rudely moved across the country, came into Albany and we got to have dinner. And drinks. And when we had to wait a half hour to be seated and my instinct was to say "oh, hell no," Robin smiled, used her Texas twang to say "that's fine, I've got nowhere to be," and I ended up waiting for dinner.

Guess what? The world didn't end. Ha, major victory for yours truly. Also, we then got coffee and sat in my car talking until past 9 p.m. Wow, who even am I right now?

In all seriousness, I think I get so focused on pushing forward and doing the things that keep life together that I forget how special friends are. Not just couple friends, though those are always special. But friends that are yours, so that when you see them every five years in person, you're having so much fun you don't even take a photo (dammit, I even had make-up and a nice outfit on). So, Robin, thanks for making the trek...which I guess means thank Chris for getting his Ph.D and graduating from an Oregon school:) And to my other friends, those few who can handle the response message where I'm already in Crocs and socks and reading my romance novel instead of going out--I love you to the moon (all 3 of you:))

The rest of the week was dancing, tennis, and softball, with some choir concerts and our infamous middle school visit. In case you were wondering: Liv can't wait to go to middle school. She had a great day, loving everything from the teachers to the bathrooms that were "just so clean." I, on the other hand, watched her walk through the shared parking lot from my classroom window, cried several times, and had to be talked down from chaperoning when I magically appeared at the entrance when her class was arriving. Complete coincidence, obviously.

Liv already knows I'm a smother-mother, and she's one hundred percent okay with saying, "Okay, crazy lady, time for you to go." So, at least our communication is really thriving:)

Happy week 19 coming at you, people. Remember to thank those mamas--their day is coming up. Jude, I love ya. Also, come home because Olivia is hot-to-trot over this baking book she got, and I am tapping out. Whisking and folding and kneading and all of this other shirt that eats a few hours of my day and's not healthy for me:) And I'm forking over it.

Until next week.


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