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Week 14: Library Dates and Hoppy Easter

Week 14 was kind of the perfect week, even with my not-Covid illness that dragged over from the end of week 13 (but I saw Taylor Swift, so I can't regret whatever befell me after spending the evening with sixty-thousand other people listening to the queen). After I slept like the dead from Friday through Monday, week 14 met me casually with only a few days of tennis for Liv, and a beautiful day at the library for me and my girl on Wednesday afternoon.

My favorite thing about the library? Liv gets her books--four Garfield comics, a few dog training non-fictions, and a two new novels, every time--and then she walks upstairs to the young-adult and adult fiction sections with me, sits in the cozy chairs, and reads while I peruse the shelves.

This has become a weekly tradition for us, even if we can't make it on our normal Tuesday, and I have to say, I feel really lucky every week to have a library that a town cares for, takes care of, and understands the purpose of. The computers are full, the quiet study rooms are in use, and the staff is everywhere, always ready to help with crafts for the little kids, or research for the older ones.

Going there, allowing Liv to pick her own books, no matter what they are (stop banning books, yo. Just help your kid pick a different one if you're uncomfortable), has made her a reader. Like, no matter what the words are, she reads them and enjoys them. Back of the milk carton? Check. Airplane guide and manuals during safety time? Check. Magazines? Novels? Comics? Check, check, and check.

It seems minor, but that was really what I realized in week 14: my daughter reads and likes it, and I'm grateful to The Dolly Parton Library and our Albany Public Library for giving her this chance.

Today was Easter, and whether you celebrate Jesus and all of his miracles, or just the day-drinking and egg hunting that come with this day, I hope it made you feel renewed and refreshed. Softball is starting, Irish dance competition season is coming up, along with piano syllabus by the Oregon Piano Board, and tennis is in full swing. So, I'm sure I'll have more to say than props to the library next week:)

Much loves. xoxo

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