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Week 15: New Hair, We all Care

Week 15 found Liv and I at the hair salon, and while I'd like to say it's the adorableness of this cut that has me excited about this moment, it's the interruption it will create to a pattern that was making me insane: tween girl hair. Wow. It blows.

Liv is a smart kid, a fun kid. She can also be a lazy asshole (being honest). Washing her hair, brushing it, drying it, and then doing some sort of hair-do with it every morning (if one considers a ponytail a hair-do) was single handedly going to sink our relationship as mother and daughter. This haircut? Saved us. To Erin (did not spell that correctly), and all other hairdressers from mothers of tween girls everywhere: you are the chosen ones, and we bow to you.

Now, let us go back to week 3, when the wench known as insurance got in my way and tried to charge me for an OBGYN exam because of my lack of PCP, stating it looked as though I'd taken lab samples myself. I'm sure you remember (or not, because you have a life, and you're not exactly annotating these reflections for a close read. Fair enough.). Either way, I interrupted a bad pattern that week and called them instead of paying the ridiculous $500 dollar bill. It was put on hold, no questions were really answered. However, this week, the insurance company sent me a vague but definitely in-the-way-of-progress piece of mail that said "they were grateful for bringing their attention to the miscoded" something or other and they would be reviewing my claim.

Um, did I just get a win? This never happens, so I'm taking it as a win. Boom.

In other news for this brilliant week 15, tennis is going strong and softball started. Although Old Man River and I were adamant once-upon-a-time that our daughter would not play more than one sport, Liv is enjoying all of them so much we've interrupted our own biases and agreed to let her try multiple sports for as long as she's happy. Even if it really interrupts our commitment to an early bed time:)

We spent our Saturday morning at the batting cages, and while I expected to not be thrilled, I had to take it back because gosh darnit, Liv's new coach is a middle school teacher and he rocks it. These girls never stand still at practice--seriously. What has typically been a boring ass sport with moments of excitement was pretty freaking fun to watch this week, especially when he had them play dodgeball at the end (not with softballs, I swear, but real soft balls) and he reminded them face shots were accepted and encouraged. They laughed for days. So did the parents on the sidelines.

I even ventured out of my comfort zone and loaded the explorer with moms to go to coffee on Saturday because while we might love our budding athletes, there is no reason for us to be present at every single minute of a Saturday practice. We're not psychopaths; if someone else is going to be in charge of them, we're going to let them.

And in this moment of camaraderie, I remembered that reaching out to people--specifically fun moms who can also love but want to throttle their children--is something I like. Might even do more of (or maybe not. I'm a lot--best to keep them at arms length and go in small doses so we make it through the season together:)).

Otherwise, Old Man River, Liv, and I did some house rearranging and took a family date to pizza--on a Sunday, no less. Those of you who really know me know how big this is, eating carbs and unclean food the day before work. I'm living on the edge, people. Truly.

Luna stayed home, and very much enjoyed her sister's clean sheets and new room. Punk. (Also, I blame you for this, Laura.)

Happiest beginnings to your week 16, loves.


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