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Week 22: Saying yes to simple things

This week, we started out fast and then got to just be. Most importantly, we got to celebrate Old Man River, who turns 49 tomorrow. (Whoa, that skin care regimen has you at 35, babe. Tops.)

After Liv's softball team got their first win on Tuesday night in Stayton, we had a quiet week with just one softball practice and an Irish dance practice. Which left Friday, Saturday, and Sunday free. You heard me. We had nothing--no commitments, no games, not even a batting practice. Nothing. And it was glorious.

Saturday, we drank coffee and walked the dog while Liv made Mexican wedding cookies. Then, I drank more coffee and ate all of the cookies before we went out to the backyard and read our books in the sunshine. Amazing.

And then, we got to get a little fancy and take Jaja out to Sybaris to celebrate him. It was another amazing moment: two hours of just the three of us, drinking wine and Shirley Temples, sharing bread and appetizers, passing plates around, and listening to Liv as she listed, and then compared, the anatomy of different birds from her veterinary science book. When we got done, we came home and took the labragoat for a walk, while Liv ran ahead in her platforms and sparkle dress, singing to music only she heard. We ended the evening with a show, and a bit of time making wishes on that strawberry full-moon. (And yes, I made moon-water. Get your laughs out now, sisters of mine. But know that my shit is cleansed.)

Sunday was more coffee, a hike instead of a mountain bike ride, and then giving the labragoat a bath, which had her running hot laps around the yard while I wielded the hose and tried to pretend I was the alpha. Not so much. We ended with dinner and "Air" as a family, and I have to say, nothing we really did was photo-worthy, but it felt fantastic. Restorative. A preview of the deep summer that is coming my way soon:)

Until next weekend, where we'll have Irish dance photos and some softball games to chat about.


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