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Week 24: Yes to celebrations

This week was all about celebrations. We started with Liv promoting from 5th grade, and I've got to tell you, even in the million-degree elementary school cafeteria with strangers all around me, I got teary (okay, sobby) a few times.

Livvy-Love is no longer little.

This is something all parents have warned me about, something I even knew was coming, but as of Thursday, she will no longer be returning to the school that raised her for the past six years, the school where front office staff will give her an icepack or seven along with a hug on the days she's faking ailments because she's tired and just wants to hang out with a mom. Any mom.

The school where she learned to read and write, to make friends and overcome some of those hard social moments that helped her begin the foundation of who she is as a person. And I am so grateful, for every moment...even the damn carnival every year that's just code for candy-high little kids running around screaming.

Please note the photos. You know what growth they show in my life? I did not dip directly after the graduation. I, in fact, asked a colleague to cover my 8th period final, closed down early for the day, and waited around well after the festivities of the graduation so Olivia could, in fact, take pictures and say goodbye to people. I even gave a few hugs and smiled at strangers. Boom. Major chaos, major growth.

Which was truly how I spent the rest of the week. Despite softball two nights and a night of dance, I still went to the staff get-together at the end of the week, though I could not go at my normal time of three-thirty and be close to the first to leave. I still went. After getting Liv from dance. And after being home for a long enough time to seriously consider putting on those Crocs and socks, which I did not do.

And then, wait for it, I went to my sister's on Saturday and celebrated an Early Father's Day with her and even more people, before spoiling Old Man River (browbeating, whatever) with Pizza and The Spiderverse tonight.

Which brings us to now, this moment, where Old Man River was making the bed and then took a little nap, and I am officially in deep summer. Whoa, am I excited. Liv and I already have a few riveting plans of the library, clothes shopping, and biology camp, with a mini mountain bike ride thrown in for good measure. Our chaos knows no bounds:)

Happy Father's Day, and happy summer break. I'm working hard to embrace the chaos...but the quiet is so tempting:) Stay tuned.


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