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Week 26: I said yes so many times I’m late

First: ^^^I re-read that title and I think I should clarify: I’m late with my post, not my period. Apologies if that embarrasses you or hurts your modesty, but a woman always has to be clear on these things, especially with asshole sisters like mine who will spread a rumor like wildfire to embarrass me:) Moving on…

This week, or last week, I guess, since it’s Monday and I am just now writing to you, was one in which I did my best to embrace chaos and a slightly less-scheduled life. If this photo just recently taken of my family does not show a clear picture about how we are doing, well, I don’t know that anything will.

Livvy had softball games on Wednesday and Friday, and as is the way with youth softball, both lasted approximately one million hours. She had birthday parties on Wednesday and Friday, where she got her arcade and roller-skate on, and then she got to do the Rodeo and Lake with Aunt Lala and the boys.

All of these things were scheduled in the aspect that, other than softball, Liv was invited and we were allowed to RSVP. And Liv, bless her, loves people, loves hanging out and listening, just being in the general presence of humans. So odd, that child of mine:)

I, too, joined in on festivities, getting my rodeo on and doing the hard work of sitting at the lake before making the giant sacrifice to go home and stay with the dogs instead of camp with all of the children…

Amongst the parties and the softball games and the lake-socializing, Old Man River and I managed to get another ride in, and I finished another book and book review—ten days before my due-date. Killing it.

We are gearing up for a month of fun activities and adventures, and as usual, my goal is to embrace the moment, the time with people who are amazing and relaxed and chaotic in the most brilliant ways, you know, all of the things I am not:) Until then, happy Independence Day, dear people. I hope it‘s a beautiful one.

Cheers to the red, white, and blue (& you).


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